Studio A Dance Gymnastics & Cheer

Here at Studio A Dance Company we believe in providing our dancers with the best technique training and up to date styles. Every student recreational or competitive will have the same opportunities and be able to carry on their dancing through college or as a professional if they chose. We have a wide range of classes for many ability levels for all students. We are excited about all of the news to share and the upcoming events.

Dance Prodigy Studios

We build classical foundations within our students through proper technique based training in a drama-free and safe environment.

Our instructors believe in providing the same level of professional instruction for everyone, for Beginners through Professional levels.

We recognize the values and morals of your family and it is our promise as a studio to have clean age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography. These are the values we are proud to display to the community of Greenville and the North Texas area.

Academy of Dance Music & Theatre

We offer some of the finest training in the nation. 

We offer a comprehensive education in the arts. Whether it is in dance, music or theatre, our award winning professional instructors can guide you through each step of the way to reach your goal. We believe this difference is not an accident. Instead, it is the result of a positive, structured learning environment that promotes student growth and success with over 30 years of teaching Northeast Texas to dance. We are proud of the generations and thousands of students we have taught. You will find AODMT graduates in all facets of entertainment, and the corporate world as well. We are truly committed to your success now and in the future.

Illuminate Dance Force

Illuminate Dance Force, located in Greenville, TX, is a faith based dance studio who goes above and beyond to live by the "Golden Rule". 

- Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you - Luke 6:31

This is very important to us as we feel each student, parent, and teacher should be treated with the utmost respect at all times.

Illuminate Dance Force is a family type atmosphere home to supportive parents & talented students and where all students are created & treated equally, gain confidence, poise & lasting friendships by studying with nurturing teachers. The experienced staff holds a superior commitment to the students, their families and our professional business philosophies. We are customer-friendly, honest, provide personal attention & good communication. We are organized, full of passion for dance, aware of the influence we have on every child, and truly care about what we do for each and every student in nurturing them for much more than dancing. Our success comes from the knowledge that we have made a difference in the lives of the students we teach.

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